"Ginger is the best virtual assistant. She gets things done, done well and is also great at helping to keep me focused. Don't think twice - just hire her."

Wendy Taddeucci ~ Coach Wendy

“Why did I wait so long to hire Ginger as my VA?!!

Ginger’s brought a sense of relief and refocus to my busy life as a parent and ADHD life coach.  I was focusing on my passion:  ADHD coaching and was consumed by all the “to do” lists of administrative work not getting done!  Talk about Gremlins… !   Ginger’s support, understanding, and  techie abilities and know how allowed me to move — out of the paralyzing place of “things that need to get done and I don’t know or have the time to tackle them” — into a space of having renewed energy to move forward and focus my time on what I do best!  Thanks Ginger!!”

Ana Isabel Sánchez JD, LLM, CPCC ~ Coach ADD Life Skills, LLC

“Ginger was just what I needed. She was thorough and on-time. It was a real pleasure to work with her, and I would recommend her without any reservations. You won’t be disappointed.”

Henry Mittleman, Founder and CEOCEO Advisory Partners LLC

“It’s great to have someone knowledgeable about the system help me. You also helped me develop ways I could use the system to help me with my specific services. I am clearer on my processes and I’m excited about starting to use my website for marketing, in addition to explaining my services.  Thanks for your patience and your willingness to help me come up with solutions for my particular situation. It’s so nice to know that I will be able to really put this tool to use for marketing and for working with my clients. Thanks again!”

Phaedra Brotherton ~ Resumes and Career Strategies

“Before Ginger joined me, my business was busting at the seams and so was I. If you’ve ever felt a swift breeze on a hot day, you can imagine my relief when Ginger stepped in. She moved mountains of detail out of my way which allowed me to focus on my various groups. Ginger’s patient spirit was instrumental in keeping me grounded when I reached the point of overwhelm. She saved my sanity.”

Kim Gray ~ My First Coaching Client

“Working with Ginger as my Coaches Console Certified VA has been great! I have accomplished more in 2 weeks than in 1.75 years with Coaches Console (on my own). I’m looking forward to having the ability to make use of ALL the features. I feel confident that I can be using this system to provide the kind of professional service I desire for my clients.”

JoAnn Bouda ~ Bouda Life Coaching

“I was getting overwhelmed with details as my business started taking off and Ginger was very helpful in taking care of some of them. Together, we improved my systems and cleaned up mailing lists, which helps my business run more smoothly overall. Ginger provides a supportive attitude and encourages me to carry on. I can see that we have only just scratched the surface in what can be accomplished together.”

Lin Murphy ~ Lin Murphy Life Coaching