You no longer need to clear the path to reclaiming your “forest” alone!

Allowing me to manage the details (trees) necessary to build your “forest” will allow you to focus on acquiring and inspiring your clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

You will have a partner that will alleviate the frustration, anxiety and overwhelm that “doing it all yourself” produces.

I use The Coaches Console to provide solutions to relieve your frustration, anxiety and overwhelm. Listed below are the most common areas coaches find frustrating and overwhelming to manage (click here for Coaches Console packages):

Client Management (using The Coaches Console)

  • Manage all prospecting and contact information
  • Coordinate all scheduling and calendar syncing
  • Design and coordinate all client communications
  • Design and customize all client forms and documents
  • Set-up / manage New Client & Custom Autoresponder features
  • Set-up / manage Opt-in form & Autoresponder messages
  • Set-up / manage eNewsletter / Provide basic eNewsletter HTML template

Agreements and Financials (using The Coaches Console)

  • Customize client agreements for coaching
  • Set-up client financial arrangements
  • Coordinate merchant account(s) and synchronize
  • Manage monthly invoicing

Shopping Cart & Product Module (using The Coaches Console)

  • Set up Products for purchase (for use within The Coaches Console or on your external website)
  • Set up Courses and Programs for online delivery

For areas outside The Coaches Console:

Communications and Public Relations (Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, Mail Chimp)

  • Manage an ezine system and calendar
  • Blog posting / Blog Broadcast

Website Management

  • Update WordPress sites

Document Preparation and Management

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
  • DropBox


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