As a busy coach do you hear these voices circling around in your head?

  • I am too busy coaching clients; I just need my Console system set up for using with current clients right now.
  • I just signed up for The Coaches Console® and realized it is way more involved than I thought.
  • I don’t have time to put my Console system together and make sure it works effectively.
  • I am in the The Coaches Console® boot camp and frankly don’t want to do the work. It is too complicated for me to focus on.

This 3o-day program is for the busy coach desiring to get a quick start using The Coaches Console® with their current clients.

  • Relieve confusion, frustration and overwhelm created by technology overwhelm!
  • Stop wasting your hard earned $$ for unused technology gathering dust!
  • Stop procrastinating and be using the Console with current clients in 30 days!







Are you struggling with implementing Client Support?

  • I want to be fully present for each coaching session, but I am getting lost in the details of client management!.
  • My clients are not using my console system. How do I get them to use it consistently?
  • I want to provide client support between weekly sessions using my console, but I don’t know how.

This 3o-day program is for the coach that wants to maximize client support with The Coaches Console®.

  • Create after session follow system that frees you to be fully present for the coaching session.
  • Become comfortable taking & organizing your notes during your sessions.
  • Leverage the console system to easily provide accountability during & after sessions.
  • Create a process that encourages clients to interact via the console, keeping everything organized in one place.







Feeling Unorganized, Losing Money and not Getting Paid on time?

  • I have a process for starting with a new client, but it takes me forever, how can I use The Coaches Console® to automate this process?
  • My current process gets things done, but I feel scattered and unorganized.
  • I am using The Coaches Console® but still losing money each month because I don’t get my clients billed in a timely manner.

This 3o-day program is for the coach that wants to use the automation tools within The Coaches Console®.

  • You will create a streamlined, automated process for managing clients.
  • Turn paper forms into online form and stop relying on snail mail, faxes or email to receive Client Intake forms.
  • Create a system that gets you paid on time!