Coaches, Are You Doing What You Love?

I recently read a great blog post entitled: The Most Important Startup Question: Wozniak or Jobs?

The article discussed how would-be entrepreneurs fall into two categories, those who are jazzed by doing the detail work and those that like to create the concept. The article also provided great examples of both types and then asked this question: “If starting a business won’t let you do more of what you love, why start that business in the first place?”

I am happy to say that my business does allow me to do more of what I love, assisting my clients so they can do more of what they love!

As a coach, why did you start your practice? The primary reason is because you want to help people improve their lives.

You want to be working with your clients, helping them realize their dreams and aspirations! However, you feel stuck doing work you don’t enjoy, but is necessary to run the business! 

You have to manage calendars, appointments, billing, creating and maintaining a website and/or blog posts, marketing, newsletters…the list goes on.

All the above things are necessary for a successful practice, but they don’t jazz you.  Then what happens? You find yourself putting them off, until it becomes the elephant in the room no one can ignore! Then you feel overwhelmed, you feel the life being sucked right out of you and you begin to wonder is it worth all the effort!

So I challenge you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did I start my coaching practice?
  • Am I bogged down with all the details of running my business?
  • Do I find myself putting off the boring details of running my business?
  • Am I doing only what I love?

What if your answers reveal you are not focusing only on what you love to do? According to the referenced article they state: “You may have no choice but to be a Wozniak and a Jobs as you get your business off the ground, but make sure you create and follow a plan that will let you do more of what you love as your business grows.”

Part of that plan should include getting the help needed to let you do more of what you love before you let it drain the life right out of you!

Feel free to contact me to discuss how partnering with a VA can help you do more of what you love.

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