While being a full-time mother to my 5 children, I was also a part-time, self-employed business owner in different industries: AVON Sales, cake decorating, residential cleaning and painting and paper hanging businesses.

After the children were in school, it became necessary that I acquire full-time employment with benefits and eventually worked for a major health insurance company in the Sales/Marketing department as an Administrative Assistant. This company embraced technology with open arms which allowed me to become familiar with computers, the internet, and any and all software programs this department used to enhance the sales team and their productivity.

I loved being an administrative assistant, but the desire to own my own business again grew stronger with each passing year. I began researching how I could blend my administrative experience and love of technology with being a business owner.  That search lead to AssistU and their training program for Virtual Assistants.  With my experience as a business owner, an assistant in the corporate world, and training from AssistU, I could now use advancing technology to blend my desires and hung out my VA shingle in 1998!

After a few years I started to feel as though I was tied to my office. I started to let the boundaries between work/life blur and found myself working parts of the week-end, late into the evenings, getting up early to catch-up! I felt trapped. I wanted to make a change, but I wasn’t sure how to change my business to fit my needs. Then in 2009 the bottom fell out of the economy and I was forced to make changes!

I tried to acquire more clients using the only resource I had successfully used in prior years, but the leads for clients coming through that resource was drying up! I began to feel that maybe it was time to put my VA shingle in the closet and call it quits. Go back to the corporate jungle!

But then a whole new set of fears reared their ugly head! I had been out of the corporate world for so long would I even be employable? Would a company in this economy see me, a middle aged woman, who had been self-employed for the past 11 years, as a good asset to their company?

It was at that moment I realized I had to make my business work again!

That is why working with coaches who are transitioning into their mid-life career makes sense for me. I have been there, done that! I can help them overcome their fears of recreating their life and business.

My mission is to help these coaches with the “trees” of running their business, allowing them to see their “forest” again!